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La Fēm Club

The ultimate destination where you can focus on nurturing your well-being, prioritise your personal growth and connect with like minded one of a kind ladies who share similar goals .

We invite you to embrace a well-rounded approach to both physical activity and emotional well-being. Find the joy of movement, cultivate a strong mind-body connection, develop a deeper understanding of yourself and expand your perspectives with our holistic experiences specially created for you.We’re here to support you in your wellness journey and help you feel your best in mind, body and spirit.

Remember, our club is a safe and inclusive space where everyone is welcome. We strive to create an environment that supports your well-being adventure, uplifts your spirits, and provide the tools and resources you need to thrive.I

t’s all about feeling your best inside out, because you glow different when you’re doing better.

Trust us. It’s a promise. 

The Dance Experience

A manifesto to femininity, beauty and grace while expressing your true self through dancing steps.

Focus on: self-expression, grace, attitude, mind-body connection

Duration: 6 classes, 1 class/week, 90min

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The Yoga Experience

A declaration of mindfulness and grounding, while cultivating a peaceful state of mind, relieving stress and enhancing overall well-being.

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The Pilates Experience

A flow of movements carefully choreographed, transitioning smoothly from one exercise to another, promoting a sense of flow and connection between mind and body.

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The Stretching Experience

A flowing sequence of movements that targets multiple muscle groups and promotes a sense of fluidity and ease.

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