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Embrace your grace

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A six weeks dance module tailored for those who are new to dancing. Whether you've never danced before or consider yourself rhythmically challenged, this class is designed to ease you into the joy of movement, allowing you to discover the grace within your own body.

What to expect:

  • Latin Fusion Basic Foundations:
    • Focus on fundamental dance techniques, emphasizing posture, balance, and coordination;
    • Learn the basic steps and movements to build a solid foundation for graceful dancing;
  • Rhythmic Exploration:
    • Let yourself introduced to various latin music genres to help you connect with different rhythms;
    • Develop a sense of musicality, enabling you to express through synchronized movements;
  • Body Awareness and Confidence:
    • Cultivate a heightened awareness of body movements and build confidence in expressing yourself through dance;
    • Incorporated exercises that encourage you to feel comfortable in your body and movements;
  • Relaxed Environment:
    • Discover the relaxed and intimate atmosphere, which will encourage you to embrace the learning process without any judgment;
    • Learn to focus on the joy of movement over perfection of it;
  • Choreography Simplification:
    • Breaked down choreography into manageable segments, ensuring that everyone can grasp and enjoy the dance sequences;
    • Step-by-step guidance, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

STARTS: Tuesday, 20.02, 20:00

DURATION: 6 weeks, 1 class/week, 90 min

DATE & HOUR: Tuesday, 20:00

LEVEL: beginner; no previous dance experience needed

Embrace your grace
Embrace your grace Sale price950,00 lei