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The ultimate destination where you can focus on nurturing your well-being, prioritise your personal growth and connect with like minded one of a kind ladies who share similar goals.

Our Story

We invite you to embrace a well-rounded approach to both physical activity and emotional well-being. Find the joy of movement, cultivate a strong mind-body connection, develop a deeper understanding of yourself and expand your perspectives with our holistic experiences specially created for you.

It’s all about feeling your best inside out, because you glow different when you’re doing better.

Trust us. It’s a promise.


The Dance experience

A manifesto to femininity, beauty and grace while expressing your true self through dancing steps.

Focus on: self-expression, grace, attitude, mind-body connection.

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The dancing night

We invite you to celebrate together 3 years of dancing nights, femininity and grace.

One dancing experience, 2 hours dance class, everything paired with prosecco, cake and inspirational women vibes. 

*This class is open level. No previous experience is required.

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“At FĒM CLUB it’s all about embracing your energy, about uncovering your layers and graciously dancing with your true self.” - Ada

" With each module finished I discovered myself more, gained fluidity and grace that soon become a part of my natural body movements and gestures.” - Ana-Maria 

This dance class was so much more than just learning a choreography; it was a transformative and unforgettable lifestyle experience. - Bianca

"You’ll feel welcomed regardless of experience, as each movement is about “being” rather than “doing”. About finding your own rhythm, stepping graciously in life, as on the dance floor." - Madalina

“ In have the photos with me from the first and the last dance class of the module. There were two different persons. In the last ones I was that feminine, confident woman, that knows how to move and keeps her chin up." - Ioana

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