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Elevate your artistry

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Created for those who have previously embraced the dance floor and are ready to take their skills to new heights. This six weeks dance module is specially designed to refine techniques, deepen expressions, and challenge yourself to reach new levels of artistry. It's an invitation to cultivate confidence, and enjoy the sheer pleasure of expressing yourself through dancing steps. 

What to expect:

  • Next Level Latin Fusion Techniques:
    • Dive into more advanced Latin Fusion techniques, incorporating elements from various Latin dance styles such as salsa, bachata, samba, merengue and cha-cha;
    • Refine footwork, turns, and body isolations to elevate your overall dance proficiency;
  • Expressive Choreography Exploration:
    • Explore expressive and dynamic choreography that integrates the richness of Latin Fusion dance;
    • Emphasize your feelings through movement, allowing yourself to convey emotions and narratives in your dance routines;
  • Stylish Fusion Movements:
    • Focus on developing stylish movements unique to Latin Fusion, combining elements of traditional and contemporary dance styles;
    • Embrace your individuality and creativity, incorporating personal styling into your dance expressions;

Focus on

self-expression, grace, attitude, mind-body connection

STARTS: Thursday, 22.02, 20:00

DURATION: 6 weeks, 1 class/week, 90 min

DATE & HOUR: Thursday, 20:00

LEVEL: intermediate-advanced; at least two previous dance modules completed

Elevate your artistry
Elevate your artistry Sale price950,00 lei